Kirkland Locksmith Tools

Locksmith Tools Description

The window crank tool.

window crank tool


When a mechanic goes into his toolbox to remove a manual window crank from a car, he will choose the window crank tool. This tool was designed specifically for this job. It goes behind the crank to help you pry it off without ruining the car door or the crank.


car light

When you have a flashlight extension tool, you don’t need to hold a flashlight in your hand or your mouth. The suction cup holds up the tool and the flashlight rests on a rigid extension that you can adjust to face in different directions. This tool is often used by mechanics.

Door Panel Removal Tool

door panel removal

When a mechanic takes the interior door panel off a car door, he reaches for a door panel removal tool. Unlike other tools, this tool is specially designed for this task. Its shape helps it slide into the door so you can pull out the retaining pins that hold the panel.

Digital Keypad Lock

digital pad lock

Digital keypad locks are battery-powered locks that open when a person enters the correct code into the digital keypad. The code can be changed at any time to maintain optimum security. These keypads are perfect for small businesses to give extra security that is easy to install at a low cost.

The Fishing Pole

fishing pole

“The fishing pole” tool makes it easy to open a locked car without causing destruction to the car. That’s why locksmiths use this tool. The 7-foot length and special design allow this tool to slip into the car to pull up a push-pull lock or to open the interior door handle.

Door lock cylinders

door cylinder

Security door lock cylinders are designed as theft deterrents for a home or business. These locks were engineered to prevent picking, drilling or bumping of the lock to break in. In addition, the keys cannot be duplicated by a locksmith so you can only use keys made by the manufacturer.

Door Knobs

door knobs

Keyed entry door hardware can deter intruders because a key is needed to open the door from the outside while a latch or key unlocks the inside. These door knobs are located on the outside doors of most residential homes. They come in many finishes so you can match them to your home.

Flexible Flashlight

flexible light

When you need direct light to help you see a project, a flexible flashlight is the tool to use. This tool includes a flexible extension that holds the flashlight up and in the direction where you place it. The LED models provide intense light that requires less energy than other lights.